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My non-academic writing falls within the broad genre of speculative fiction, encompassing science fiction, fantasy (high and low), horror, dystopia, psychological thrillers, etc. I find the notion of ‘genre’ philosophically problematic (though that is a matter for my academic writing not my non-academic!) and thus do not bother to try to narrow things down further than simply “speculative”.

I am also the founder and main editor of, a website for short reviews of short science fiction & fantasy stories, and a first reader for Cosmic Roots and Eldritch Shores.

Below is a list of my published and forthcoming short stories. I am currently working on a novel, The Mapping of Tula Mors, and a novella, Base 8.


“Artio Brings a Blessing”, Ink Drinkers Poetry Chronicle no. 4
“Why God Is Like a Duck”, (July 2021); (longer version here)
“Two”, in A Quiet Afternoon 2 (Grace & Victory Publications)
“(my) Love is (not) Patient”
“At Her Mother’s Grave”
“My Love For You Floods Me”
Things To Do With Love… (Dreich, 2021).


“Light Like Silk”, Ink Drinker’s Poetry Chronicle no. 1.
“Madame Sophie and the Ghost” in Stories For the Thoughtful Young (BCubed Press).
“Out in the Snow”, in S. L. Uckelman, ed., Striking Bodies, Striking Minds (Ellipsis Imprints, 2020).
An Awfully Big Adventure, with Gwen R. Uckleman (Ellipsis Imprints).
“Metamorphosis” in Flash Fiction Podcast (Manawaker Studio, 2020).
“In Lieu of Gifts”, (April 2020).
“Group(er) Think” in D. Kershaw, ed., Oceans: A Dark Drabbles Anthology (Black Hare Press, 2020).About the story.
“The Box Beside the Bed” in D. Kershaw, ed., Oceans: A Dark Drabbles Anthology (Black Hare Press, 2020).About the story.
“Dr. Ventham’s Log” in D. Kershaw, ed., Oceans: A Dark Drabbles Anthology (Black Hare Press, 2020).About the story.
“Candace Swallowed the Sea”, in M. Yzmore, Quarantine Quanta (2020). Received an “honorable mention” in the realism/slipstream category. (Also available in PDFEPUB, and MOBI.)
“Crisis Mode”, (March 2020).Listen to the poem.
“What Lies Beneath the Waves”With Painted Words (January 2020).About the story


“On the Other Side of the Dark Entry Gate”, in D. Kershaw, ed., Beyond: A Dark Drabbles Anthology (Black Hare Press, 2019).About the story
“The Simurgh’s Daughter”, in Jessica Augustsson, ed., Pioneers and Pathfinders (JayHenge Publications, 2019).About the story
“An Orb of Ice-Blue, Held Aloft in a Perfect Hand”Flash Fiction Podcast (Manawaker Studio, 2019).About the story
“The Bird Painter”, in G. Owen Wears, ed., Mágissa (Exterus, 2019).


“The Sum of Our Memories”, in Hannah Kate, ed., Nothing (Hic Dragones, 2018).
“Bad Harvest”, The Martian Wave (2018).
“Being Human”, in Robots and Artificial Intelligence (Flametree Publishing, 2018).Author Q&A with Publisher, part 1;
Author Q&A with Publisher, part 2;
About the story
“The Bargain”, in J. Scott Coatsworth, ed., Impact: Queer Sci Fi’s Fifth Annual Flash Fiction Contest (Other Worlds Ink, 2018).About the story
“The Platform Between Heaven and Earth”, in Jessica Augustsson, ed., Wavelengths (Jayhenge Publications, 2018).About the story
“The Name of the Sword”, in Carol Hightshoe, ed., Tales from the Fluffy Bunny (WolfSinger Publications, 2018).


Still We Drowned“, Story Seed Vault, August 2017.About the story
“The Grandmother Paradox”, Pilcrow & Dagger July 2017: 36-38